14 Strange Facts About Money Beliefs in the current World

You will not believe these strange facts about money beliefs in current world . Beliefs definition can range from strong confidence in doctrine, teaching, notion, ideology, or even a personal principle. These beliefs can be owned within a family set up, society, or a particular religion. When these beliefs are related to finances, it can be of a positive gain to oneself or cage you to poverty forever.

Below is a collection of strange facts about money beliefs you won’t imagine. It may not one of them is addressing you, then the person next to you can be in the prison of these beliefs.

1. If you do not work hard for the money, you will spend the rest of your life in church shouting “Receive It”!

How true is this? It must be so savage to believe in “receive it” while lazing around. Work smart and trust in your Almighty. Read on how to make your money work for you.

2. Money is the source of all evil!

Technically money does not have any Intelligence Quotient (IQ). For instance. take cash as a tool, hammer. If used carelessly, it can smash and leave your thumb hurt. However, the same apparatus is much useful in constructing buildings for economy development.

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3. Money Can’t buy you happiness!

At a relative extent, this belief might be true, but it lacks the basis of relevance. Some funny facts about money beliefs are mostly receives mixed reactions. What is other happiness can money buy if it is not having; good health, stable family, vacation, well-sorted bills, a sense of security and calm mind, debt-free, and secured a well-funded account to cater for your kid’s financial needs? Don’t you think all these need the facilitation from your finances

4. It’s not how much you earn but how much you SAVE!

Huge saving rates are much commendable. However, this will not add weight on the beam to save what you cannot earn even. If your earnings are limited you either work hard to increase your income or either you slash your spending rate to rescue some cash for your savings account.

5. Money commands respect!

As much as the world is still evolving. Some beliefs has drastically changed what we normally used to hat off. Nowadays, money not only command personal respect but also will bring more opportunities with it.

6. It cost more to manufacture a penny than its worth!

Penny is equivalent to one cent, which it takes the government 2.06 cents to make a penny and roughly 7.53 cents to make the nickel. Nickle is the silvery metal used to coat coins. Wonder no more why we are always in debt. It cost more to make a penny than its worth.

7. ATMs are at most used on Fridays!

Recent studies have discovered that Friday of all days in a week is the most popular day at the ATMs. It has brought into the record about overwhelming money withdrawals.

8. Most paper Money dies before puberty!

It is an interesting fact in respect to how most people value money. According to Michael Andersen, head of Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), he said

On average, banknote lasts about eight years before the ink wears off or they become damaged and need to be replaced. 

9. Money is addictive!

Once you taste the goodies closely related to money. Definitely, you tend to generate a behavioral habit of getting more money and pursue lots of those goodies. Some of this behavior is a shopaholic.

10. Affiliate Marketing is a SCAM! 

This is a misguided belief as far as it is a strange fact in the current world. If your network doesn’t work much with your net worth, quit the process. If you fear to create wealth out of the people you network with, you may be suffering from weak critical thinking. There is nothing wrong with a scheme where you can be the boss of your own as an affiliate marketer and get income over making use of the Internet. Usually, tend to undertake analytical market research before investing in affiliate marketing. 

11. Money keeps away casual relationships!

Money can create a good or bad relationship. For instance, the reminder letter you receive from a credit agency. That phone call from someone you owe money is so heartbreaking. If you choose to save more and manifest all the debts, you would worry less of your relationships with creditors.

12.  Money makes people change! 

People tend to change after they get more money, and the transformation poses a challenge among their peers. Be in charge of your own life. The world is changing why be angry with how strange the people are changing.

13. Wealth is a slave of a wise man. The master of a fool by Seneca!

You need to understand the theories of wealth not to either become a fool. You can buy this book from the book store to read more quotes about wealth by Seneca the author.

14. Dying the poor is ultimately your choice!

This might sound as strange facts about money beliefs in current world but is absolutely true. To be born in poverty is not your fault, but to die poor is solely your choice. Life does give us a platform to be successful. That is 24hours a day to strategize our goals and working hard towards achieving them.

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