Easy ways to avoid financial scams during corona virus

Does it sound too good to be true, probably it is a scam! Beware not to be a victim to scam situations related to corona virus. What are the easy ways to avoid financial scams. The pandemic is not only a health crisis but also a financial nightmare to many. For this case, fraudsters are on smooth highway to target and collect whatever cash you may be having. Being that most of the countries has implemented new measures to its law systems. Either by closing or altering access to their courts proceedings to curb the spread of Corona virus. This makes it even more tragic to get justice in case of a criminal activity.

This calls for an alarm for being alert every moment to safeguard your money. It is hurting to lose your hardly earned cash to fraudsters. But one can avoid from being a victim in either of these easy ways to avoid financial scams.

A. Avoid buying assets below standard market price

Most people give in to cheap offers coming along their way especially in times of economic crisis. In the midst of corona virus pandemic. Conmen are walking majestically to the bank to reap huge accounts from innocent unsuspicious people. Conmen are selling fixed sensitive assets like land properties and cars are asking for quick deposits. This is expense on the fact that many people are desperate in developing their life. In case you fall prey of such cheap offers. Tend to delay for some time for you to do a legal search for such property. Arrange for consultation with your lawyer for clarity before taking actions.

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B. Avoid clicking links for money making sites

Corona Virus pandemic has brought the world economy to a relative stand still break. Everyone is turning to other ventures which can bring a coin as they are working from home. The situation is to advantageous to online scammers by creating fake online money-making sites. Then they campaign for its registration and subscriptions through emails and social media platforms. Avoid clicking on suspicious links sent by a friend to you in a goal to make some money. This kind of scam is really trending and one needs to be cautious. Do not be quick of clicking popping links on your computers.

C. Avoid fake charity work scams

It is common to find a charity project being piloted in a society. However, people are taking advantage of the difficult times. By coming up with fake charity work contributions. one of the easy ways to avoid financial scams on charity work. Try confirming from trusted people you know about any kind of charity before making contributions. This will help you save your finances along way.

D. Avoid paying to get job.

The Corona Virus has snatched up to the last coin for most people. Financial nightmares have now become the looming virus which is spreading faster than the corona virus itself. This has left many stressed and vulnerable to being victims of scam jobs. In the case where you want to be listed out for job position consideration. Fraudsters are requesting for some fee to secure your employment which will neither come to forth.

Be assured that this pandemic has left many jobless. Many small enterprises facing a permanent closure. Many companies are counting loses day in day out. You need not to rush in paying a fee to secure a job. Do your homework research on what what that opportunity benefits you both financially, career wise and personal growth.

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E. Avoid police impersonators.

Many cities across the world, have police enforcing the law of wearing masks in public places. However, be alert of people faking to be police arresting innocent citizens. This is in regards to wearing mask and claiming to free the captive over some cash. Most of these imposters are in plain clothes and once asked to produce job identification document. They react in a rough way just to force you listen to what they say. Some have hand cuffs to scare innocent people.

In case you fall prey. Yell for help and ask a colleague to take a picture on the same if possible, for evidence purposes. Stay safe by adhering to all put measures for Covid-19 to avoid falling victim.

F. Avoid door to door scams.

The most vulnerable for this case during coronavirus pandemic are the elderly people. It is so unfortunate to realize that some people are posing as nice caring individuals. They hover from door to door pretending to be elderly saviors. This is by offering themselves to do shopping on their behalf and later disappears and nowhere to be seen. This can be avoided by only asking for help from trusted people only. Beware of Coronavirus Scams targeting the elderly

G. Avoid online shopping scams.

There is a high rise in online shopping scam platforms. This is due to the lockdown and social distancing restrictions across the world. Online scammers have taken advantage of this situation. They are coming up with fake shopping sites that only allow you to pay via credit card before delivery. Avoid such by making payment of a service or product on or after delivery. This will help you rescue your money from fake perpetrators.

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