15 Quick Business Ideas with Huge Profit During Corona Virus Era 2020

The World Economy has been destabilized than ever before, following the hard-financial blows brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many small enterprises face permanent closure, while a high percentage of people are losing their valued jobs. If a business is still in existence, it is not surprising for its loss margin to increase day-by-day. As bills do not stop piling, it is up to time to be innovative and try out a business that will bring income for sustenance purposes during this pandemic period.

We listed some of the leading small businesses that you can execute quickly during the Corona Virus Pandemic.

  1. Face Mask Making

Corona Virus has changed our good enjoyed the old days, and everyone needs to stay safe and prevent themselves from contracting it. A recent study by health experts published online on the Health Affairs Journal discovered around 450,000 new Corona Virus cases are prevented by wearing a face mask in public. This shows that if every person wears a mask properly, the world could be at 95% free from Corona. Hello, opportunistic! It is never too late to start on face mask making. This is worth your capital because as long as we need to keep the world free from this deadly virus, we still need to have our masks on even during the post corona pandemic era!

  • Clean Water Services

Cleanliness is second to godliness! This phrase is getting its true meaning during this pandemic era as you cannot praise the name of the Lord once you succumb to the ruthless Corona Virus. World Health Organization (WHO) has proven the effectiveness of washing your hands with soap and running water in fighting the virus. The shortage of clean water to most homesteads can be a hectic situation that needs to be addressed sooner. You can snatch this opportunity by establishing a few vans to start with and a hotline number for clean water services within your locality.

  • Meal Delivery Services

An excellent meal package is overly appreciated. As the majority of people are staying in-doors, roll up fast with turning your idea into money. You just need to groom your kitchen with a variety of ingredients, get a business phone number, and a motorbike. Source your clients across all social media platforms and deliver the best. In day’s countdown, do not be surprised by how overwhelming delivery orders will immense. 

  • Online Recipe Tutorials

Are you a kitchen guru? Take a collection of your best recipes and get into the kitchen. Find a good camera and put good quality lighting. Share your recipes to the world and offer yourself to train interested individuals under a fee. Sell your recipes to your clients online and let them enjoy tasty meals as you are making cash. A Youtube channel can be the best forum, to begin with.

  • Start a Blog

To start a blog is very simple! You just need to establish a market niche and develop your passion for it. With a blog, you can sell your own products, other people’s products or take time to coach while making a massive profit from your end. With a wordpress, you can get it web-hosted from as low as $2.99 with companies like Go Daddy and Bluehost. It is time to stop banking on your time again.

  • Remote Professional Tutor

Has your profession been affected by Corona Virus movements lockdown? Worry no more. You can monetize your skills by turning to online forums such as skype and zoom and take your training under a fee. Take your geometrical mastery to the next level by gathering a team of students online and show them how to solve them efficiently. You need chalk, whiteboard, and your laptop and start to scale up.

  • Pick & Drop Laundry Services

This is the easiest way to start earning from your dry-cleaner. Actually, you need not rent a room to start this business as you can demarcate a section of your laundry room and make it your laundry office. You can start by contacting your friends who might bring in more referrals. Be a bit different from the most existing laundry services givers by having to collect the garments from your client’s location and dropping them back. 

  • E-books Selling

The yearning for skills and knowledge will never be quenched as everyone in our contemporary world needs to excel. As an author or if you got a great desire for writing, you could build your audience by writing information resources regarding their needs and upload them online. Create a personal brand and traffic for your e-books.

  • Dance Instructor

Translate your dancing skills to a source of income. On par concern, everybody flexes their bodies and dance to a music tune when they are indoors. Take this opportunity to offer customized dancing classes online as you enjoy your dancing moves!

  1. Developing and Selling Gaming Apps

 Gaming has never gone out of desire. If you got skills on how to come up with Gaming Applications, there is a high pitch of demand as turn into phone gaming applications as a way to fight stress.

  1. Online Djeeing

 Pandemic has come in times where most people have turned to social media to seek almost all kinds of entertainment. For many decades, human beings have remained to be the leading species in love for enjoyment. Steam up the musical alley across all social media platforms by hosting a live virtual night clubs entertainment with your best music collections for your target audience. Be determined to give your best to build up your online traffic, and rest assured will not go long away without paying you back bountifully.

  1. Proof Reading and Editing

 This is not in support of the Corona Virus pandemic. Still, given a bit of extent, the pandemic period has given most people ample time to review their self-potentials. Some have gotten time for their families and have discovered their capabilities. There is a vast of unleashed content to be written by authors worldwide. This content needs to be proofread and edited before the final copy is published. If you are a person keen on details, grammar, and spelling, you can sign up for a short course in proofreading with examples of Proof Reading Academy and be the next big thing in this profession.

  1. Youtube Channel

 Youtube has been leading as the top social tool you can make the right amount of money from. If you are an artist, you got thrilling skills in cooking, beautification, comedy, dancing, team building challenge, and teaching skills. Create a Youtube channel and start building up your viewership traffic. In a matter of time and the quality of your videos, you can earn from single upload for a lifetime. Isn’t this beautiful?

  1. Biography Writing

 Amazingly, we live in times when citizens are curiously looking after every detail of persons in the limelights. They need to know information like their age, birthdays, parents, schools enrolled, careers pertained, siblings, net-worth, and relationships of the world Celebrities, Politicians, CEOs, Tv Persons, Pastors, Actors/Actresses etc…the list is endless. Turn people’s curiosity of knowing about their public figures into dollars by starting a blog site for writing biographies.

  1. Garbage Collection Services

 I came across this slang “Dirty hands make clean money,” and if well thought, it really holds the truth. You find it worth indulging oneself in activities that you rest assured of benefiting from them. Now that buildings are being elevated day after the other, garbage is piling every single minute. With just a single van, one can sign up a contract with the landlords to be collecting waste as you make their environment clean at a charge. 

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