Skills a manager needs to have

A good manager has certain skills that one can implement to help in running an organization. A company’s manager requires certain skills. Running an organization or company is no easy task. To achieve the company tasks, mission, vision, and targets you need to have these skills;

#Technical skill

A manager needs to have technical skills. Technical skills mean having proficiency and knowledge in certain activities that involve processes, procedures, and methods. Hence this skill involves one to engage with specific techniques and tools. A manager needs to implement the skill and have the ability to use specialized key procedures, knowledge, and techniques. Financial and accounting managers have different skills that are necessary for their respective professions. Most managers need to have technical skills for effective task performance. 

#Conceptual skill

Conceptual skill is the ability a manager has to see the big clear picture. In a situation, a manager has to recognize key elements and have a good understanding of relations in the elements. One needs to have the ability to coordinate and integrate the interests and activities of an organization. It requires one to visualize the whole enterprise, envisions all functional angles involved in a circumstance, understands how one depends on each, and have an anticipation of how the change will affect the whole package. 

#Communication and Interpersonal skill

Good communication in a manager is the topmost priority. One must be in a position to communicate information and ideas to others effectively. The job of a manager is too controlling subordinates and gives current information to the administrators of what is happening and going on. Most of the manager’s time is to communicate and interact with different in and out of the organization. One needs to have an interpersonal skill that’s effective to ensure to uphold the responsibilities given to them. 

#Decision making skill

One of the requirements of a manager is to make decisions. The decision that will sail the company to attaining and achieving its goals and missions. Decision making skill is one that ensures a manager can have a sharp mind in knowing opportunities and threats. With this skill, one will manage to select an appropriate key action that will make sure the company survives and benefits. Many managers tend to make different bad decisions. But a good one makes decisions that are good and learn from a previous bad decision made. One will be a good decision maker and improves as one takes a career. 

#Diagnostic and Analytical skill

To be known as a good manager, you need to have good diagnostic and analytical skills in your bag. For managers, diagnostic skill is known as the ability to have a visualization of the best response to a current attack or situation. Analytical skill means a manager has the ability in the identification of key variables in a current situation. A good manager has the best decision and diagnostic skills to identify a possible approach to a current situation. 

After making a diagnosis and analyzing a situation, it helps one to have a visualization f the end product results and outcomes. Well, when comparing this skill with a decision, it may sound familiar, but looking deeply, this is the key skill required to make a targeted decision to a situation. 

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