How to make your money work for you?


Money matters are susceptible! Have you ever been in a money scandal? Or have you been to a point where you do have money ultimately? Well, we live to have something in our lives, right? But actually, have you ever thought of how to make your own money to work for you? It’s a natural thing than what you think.

Well, there are different steps that you can relate to make your money work for you. Does it sound like a remarkable thing, right? But, with the right channel and steps, you can make good savings and investment for the future. By one doing this, it creates a strong pillar for one personal finance. There are many ways your money can work for you. Just take your time to pick the best that suit you the most.

A. Make Money work for you by  Debt elimination

The priority when you have debt is just paying it off—yes, getting rid of it! Your own money can only work for you if you have no debts. It’s impossible to invest in your future if you have a lot of pending credit card debts. Address them first. Then when you are done, think of the next step.

People aren’t born while they know about credit works. Credit card organizations and companies tend to have you in debt. Yes, you know why? They are solely in business. Your being in debt makes these organizations be there. Luckily there are simple ways that make you pay off your debts;

 1.   Find the exact money owing

Recent research studies by CREDIT CONNECT have shown that one in five people do not know how much debt they owe. However, unknowingly you end up paying less payment instead of owning your debt. Your money can never work for you as long as you have loopholes to cater for first.

2. Snowball method utilization

If you are overwhelmed with debts. Then snowball debt repayment plan is the best option. Start by managing small amount of debts in an installment manner. Small amount slowly by slowly eventually you will manage the huge one. You have to choose which debt you will finish first.

3. Decide how you will pay your debts

Have you ever been stuck in debts? Do you wonder which one to pay first? Well, there are different ways to pay your debts. You can have the negotiation of getting the lowest interest. Then when getting the lowest bid, take the money for savings to save your debts. Tap into your hidden income and free some for the debts that you owe. Have ways in which you can get some money.

#.Tip on Debt 

Always go through your bank account statements, make calls to your organizations, and research to find out how much you owe or pending bills that you have. Have a system that will help you know how much you owe in different companies and their interest rates. Taking this step is hard, but it will make your life easier when you do it. If you have a debt that’s too high, always know that there are many others out there who have a more significant debt than you. From that point, you know and act on your debt is the day you will be free. Then you be a step towards on how to make your money work for you.

B. 401K investment

You are wondering what 401k investment is? Well, 401k allows one to have an investment plan between you and your employer. After retirement you receive your savings to your bank account. Well, 401k works like this: every month, a small portion of your pre-taxed pay goes into 401k investment. When you invest in 401k and reach a certain contribution percentage, your employer will match you with 1:1. You will have the opportunity of not being taxed until you withdraw your earnings at the age of fifty-nine years old. Do you know what it means? It means that you will spend more with compounding rates over your lifetime. Let’s put it like this; imagine yearly, you earn $100,000. In your 401k, your company offers you a 3% match. 

If you invest $2000 (3% of $100,000), your organization will match you that much into your 401k investment. You can have a much more contribution to your 401k investment, but your organization won’t match more than a 3% rate.

#.Tip on 401k Plan on How to make your Money work for you.

When it comes to 401k, make sure you take advantage of your employer 401k investment plan. Add enough money for the employer to match into it. You know why? Matching ensures that you take full advantage of what is simply free money from your employer. That match is influential and critical as it can make you earn double of what you invest. Subsequently, this another big step in making your money work for you.

c. Save Automatically

Ten years ago was the best time to grow up a tree. The second time to grow it is today. Well, it may sound stupid, but the adage is true. If you want to buy a nice new car or house, you don’t just sit there and think about where the money will come from. Think of ways to earn money People tend to be ignorant when it comes to savings. But working a few extra hours can add in saving you much money down the road. One of the critical components many averse from saving is putting somewhere in a bank the hard-earned money every month. That’s why there is automatic control. It’s a set and forgets system of your finance approach.

An automatic system allows you to take control of your finances at one point. You can send your paycheck anywhere you need it to go. If you had to track how you spend your money, then definitely is that type of “I will look into that later…” matter, and you would never solve those issues. You can have domination of your finances by having a passive system. Instead of this saving matter stress you up, you can set it and forget and continue to focus on other beneficial matters.

How do you do it? That’s a question you are asking yourself, right? It won’t take much of your time to just divide your cheque into four major categories;


It is advisable to put your money in Roth IRA plan. For instance, 401k investments where you are focused on maxing it out as much as possible. The contributed money adds up occasionally. At the current state, you make a contribution of up to $6,000 yearly.

2. Sub-savings

You can have sub savings account to cater for long-term expenses. Many financial institutions offer you the option of creating small sub accounts still in your regular savings account. Perfect option!

3. Guilt-free spending

when you have different recurring payments like membership cards, Netflix, and Birch box make an automatic payment in your credit card. When you are in such a position, you can have guilt-free spending on things like night clubs bills or events you want to attend. Login in to your credit card website set automatic payments for certain occasions, and ensure that your credit card bill is paid off monthly. You can rest assured that you have much money in your checking list because of setting up an automatic system to pay for certain things. 

4. Fixed costs

They are bills that you can’t avoid. They cannot be paid off by the credit card. Such bills are water, rent, and electricity. Plan on how to regularly pay them before due date.

# Tip on Saving

Once money reaches your savings account, make sure that you don’t interfere with it unless you feel you are ready for long-term goals or an emergency. Remember our main objective is how to make that money work for you later on.

D.  Opt sub savings account

Once you do automation of your finances, you can have the optimization of your savings by using sub saving account leverage. As discussed above, this account is created from your regular account to be used for specific events. Every month, you can transfer money into these small accounts automatically. 

E. use target-date funds in Making money work for you

Do you know what it means by target-date funds? Well, target funds are sets that allow automatic reallocate and rebalance of assets periodically. Target funds are the best way for one who is almost nearing to retire. Well, that is if you don’t want portfolio mix choosing. Target funds are quite diversifying. It depends on the age and assets that you have. It means as you get old, the funds to adjust themselves automatically to be more conservative. If you take the opportunity to invest in this fund, be sure that your investments are aggressive. At some point, it may look like a higher risk, but it has better returns. As the year passes and thinks of the future, there will be an automatic adjustment to investment in a more conservative investment like bonds.

Have you ever thought about the future? Think of retirement? Well, if there is one thing one should have is curiosity. Be curious! Inquisitive! Always is that person asking questions when you don’t know anything. Do not be afraid of seeking answers. Whether from people, books, schooling, or even courses. It is better you do by action than just thinking. Don’t ever be more conservative about things that are related to your career? Be expandable! Approach the education sector laterally. You will be shocked and surprised by the things you will learn from your desk and life. Don’t be ashamed whether you are at your 20s or 60s, be voracious and constant. There is something out there that you can manage and do. Every day is a new lesson day. Just invest in your future and having a productive life.

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