Career Advice That Most Kenyans Referred to as Bullshit!

15 Popular Career advice you disagree with

Just like any other day of a netizen. At most 99% purpose of having a smartphone in the 21st-century generation is for social media usage. Don’t you like social media platforms? It is my flooded pleasure to pass my regards to all software developers for introducing such programs. The world could be boring without these social platforms. I refer to them as windows that enable us to view the entire world. So many opportunities, family, enjoyment, and bullshit bits of advice are courtesy of media platforms.

I don’t want to forget that social media is the only platform that serves and connects the whole world simultaneously. Today, just after signing in to my social register. A post on savings plans hijacked my attention. Do you know how much money the language is interesting? I do admit because, for this one, I went through almost all the comments. I could not imagine how changed is the world. A Facebook post on 52 week saving challenge Kenya page. Called for a real talk on the popular career advice that people totally disagree with.  The most respondent being Kenyans referred to the following career advice as bullshit:

Top 5 Career advice Kenyans referred as bullshit

  1. Education is everything!
  2. Do not correct your Boss!
  3. The customer is always right!
  4. Teaching is a calling!
  5. Started poultry business with a feather!

1.Education is everything!

As long as we believe that education is the key to widening up your mind. Many people contradict this by not being confined to education being everything. It is true one can venture into other opportunities successfully where education is less of importance

2. Do not correct your Boss!

Isn’t true? This one did it and another one! Omg! It is so interesting to know what was the repercussions. Sarcastically, it is so mean to see them being told that both the boss and employee should be fired immediately. But so, unfortunately, the employee who corrected their boss lost the job.

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3. The customer is always right!

Like literally. Some Kenyans referred to this career advice as bullshit. Claiming that the customer has been given too much mandate to feel superior. As your products and services are carefully tailored to your clients. The customer relationship should be considered a mutual affair. There are some justifying reasons why customer is always right.

4. Teaching is a calling!

Why am I so attached to this? No one could bear listening to a boring teacher. Teaching should be interesting and jovial. Even though this career is not a joke because you meet with characters of their own. Many agreed to disagree saying it is a lifetime punishment.

5. Started poultry business with a feather!

This is not only sarcastic but savage at the same time. Taking business inspiration to the next level. Many referred to this advice as bullshit! Scam! You need to try it at your own risk.

6. Hard work pays!

Well, when did it stop paying? Yes, it did the moment smart work started paying much higher compared to hard work. Take the case of a company CEO who work less practically but they get huge figure salaries. Your next-door artist who does their work smartly and diligently. 

7. Follow your passion!

Don’t you like how the world is evolving?  The majority of the people now know their purpose on earth. It is kind to be reminded that do not force passion rather than let the passion follow you.

8. Your beauty will get you a job quickly!

Why is this so deceiving and applicable at the same time? Depending on the organization you are looking for a job, let the human resource personnel pick the candidate who is the best suit for the position. Different tasks require different personalities and appearances. The aim here is to increase the profit margin. This belief is harassing someone’s savings on buying make-ups and vitamins to enhance their looks. Remember you can never apply make-ups to your brains. Be you and go for what suits you.

9. You will enjoy life after retirement!

You might believe that after retirement, you will be free and enjoying life. This is so wrong indeed. The thing is, you will suffer if you didn’t save and invest. You are not too young to invest. Actually, start it now. Little by little and secure your future.

10. Do not be choosey about job opportunities!

You might be struggling to understand why someone should not be picky when it comes to job opportunities. I agree everyone has their passion and career but the advice gets it meaning in a nation where unemployment is rampant. In the commitment of making a living someone ends up in careers, they could never choose again if given a chance.

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11. Have patience things will be alright!

Having that every career advice is considered bullshit at a personal level. This advice must have deceived so deep in some people. But truth be told having patience is trying to do something different to tackle the present situation. Things cannot change unless you do something to change them.

12. You can not change your career!

This must be deceiving. As you grow old, travel, network, and experience changing situations. Everyone is entitled to switch their careers whenever they feel comfortable. One’s input and performances are natural processes. If someone is forced it can cause more damage than building in the course.

13. Sticking to one job for long the pay will rise!

Why do some Kenyans believe that this career advice is total bullshit? Let us not judge because once bitten twice shy. If you have ever been a victim of this you totally see the scam in it. Having worked for many years in a company and the payments remain constant. This should not be the case as performance check and appraisal should be graphical.

14. Early bird catches the worm!

Sarcastically, nowadays you might wake up early and be the worm. If you do away with the surface meaning of this meaning. You can achieve more than you could imagine. It is in the morning that you have fresh beginnings, energy, and morale to undertake assignments. Take this opportunity to plan your to-do list and scale-up.

15.Nice girls don’t get the corner office

If you are too nice to offend. You usually accommodate every opinion in your workplace. You need not miss what Lois P. Frankel has to say about this.

If you work nonstop without a break…worry about offending others and back down too easily…explain too much when asked for information….or “poll” your friends and colleagues before making a decision, chances are you have been bypassed for promotions and ignored when you expressed your ideas. Although you may not be aware of it, girlish behaviors such as these are sabotaging your career!

by Lois P. Frankel 

These career bits of advice are at a personal level and are well experienced individually by the respondent. Money Academy is not entitled to the applicability of either of them.

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