More Deadly Covid-19 Second Wave-Spanish Flu


Back in time, a 100 years ago, there existed the deadliest pandemic in books. The 1918 Spanish flu left one-third of the world population infected. Not less than 500 million people got directly infected but the majority were critically affected. About 50, 000,000 people died with the majority being citizens of the United States. With the current pandemic, the world had to relate the Corona Virus having its roots in the past existence of Spanish flu. To keep vigilant of even a more deadly Covid-19 second wave like that one of Spanish flu.

 Both Covid-19 and Spanish flu are deadly viruses that affect the respiratory system of the human being. They have a high mortality rate and spread very fast through contact and body fluids.

Their prevention measures range from;
  • Wearing masks properly
  • Washing hands with water and soap
  • Sanitizing
  • Keeping social distance

By doing this the pandemic new infections and death rates significantly reduced. It is at this juncture that the majority believed that they had all what was needed to fight the pandemic. Ignorance on the put restrictions on keeping social distance and wearing masks properly. Erupted to a more deadly second wave of Spanish Flu.

The fact being the two viruses are related makes loud alerts to our current situation. Neglection to the put measures to fight the Coronavirus will lead to fatal cases. A more deadly second wave of Covid-19 is not far away from here.

Why Was Spanish Flu Second Wave More deadly?

One of the unexpected causes of the more lethal second wave of Spanish flu was ignorance. The majority of the people ignored the put measures on fighting the pandemic. Among them was restrictions on social distance. This led to a higher speed of infection leading to an increased number of deaths.

Beyond anyone’s expectation, the viruses began to mutate. A mutation is a high-speed change of formation by a group of viruses. Which its first existence totally differs from the new form. This made the fight against the fatal flu even more complexed.

Lastly, as the number of infected persons increased so rampantly. The viruses become more concentrated in many places where people came into contact with. As much as people tried their best to keep safe. The virus was overwhelming.

More Deadly Covid-19 Second Wave

1. Covid-19 Vs Spanish Flu

Just after a century, the occurrence of the Corona Virus pandemic can highly be benchmarked on the Spanish flu pandemic. We all wonder whether is it after 100 years that a pandemic can occur? But, as long as the world does not stop revolving and evolving. The prediction of what might occur in the future remains a mystery. That is taken care of by the predictions of the experts and the prognosticators.

The pandemic had claimed the lives of many people worldwide. The business has failed. The world economy had strived a lot. Just to mention, everyone is affected in one way or another globally.

2. Reality of the Second wave

In the last few months, both new infection cases and the death rate curve have gone down. Having joined hands and pulled all our efforts together in curbing the spread of the virus. The whole world was put under a temporary closure. Remember, a global pandemic requires global solutions.

Unfortunately, we’re not far aware of the deadly Covid-19 second wave-corona virus. As the world economy is trying to get back to normal. Many countries have uplifted some of the previous put measures to curb the spread of the virus. The worries lie in the beliefs where the majority notion that they have super immunity to not contract the virus. Ignoration on wearing masks properly and effectively will do more harm with this calamitous virus.

In comparison to what mainly lead to a more deadly second wave of Spanish flu. We are of no significance to feel safe as social distancing is being much neglected. Many people in the world are comfortable having their best time of social activities. Less minding of how easily the virus spreads.

Most health experts are much engaged in developing the most effective vaccine for Covid-19. We appreciate the sacrifices they have for our nations.

Let us not assume that Viruses do mutate now and then to a new formation. If we all keep safe, chances are we could only be fighting the original formation of the virus. By doing this, the virus will be much effective to everyone.

You are not safe until we are all safe.

Covid-19 is a global pandemic that needs global attention. This means you can not be fully healed if the whole world is not healed. You can not be safe if we are not all safe. We need each and everyone’s effort to curb this virus once and forever.

This will only be achieved by keeping the said measures as tight as how we value life.

These measures entail;

  • Wearing Masks properly.
  • Often washing hands with running water and soap.
  • Regularly Sanitizing your hands. 
  • Maintain a social distance of 1m among ourselves.
  • Working from home if possible.
  • Eating healthy food to boost your immunity.
  • Create awareness of the risks of this virus.

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