Most important lessons learned in 2020 and so far

Happy New Year! Just like any other year. In case you happen to read this. We all celebrated the eve of a brand-new year over 343 days ago. Praises, partying amongst all kinds of fireworks to usher in 2020. Little did we know what will be unfolding a few months later.  It this time when the whole world was put under a temporary closure. The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has changed the lives of many in different ways so far. It hit differently to each individual. That’s why we did a collection of the most important lessons learned in 2020 and so far;

1.Health is wealth

The pandemic has made many people realize how precious it is to have good health. Actually, it is the only wealth that one should take the most time investing in it. Sincerely speaking, health is indeed a gift to treasure. Covid-19 has already taken the lives of many people with the majority being traumatized both mentally and psychologically. We all wish the Coronavirus will go away forever and ever.

2.Save some money every day

Learn to save some money every single day to cater for future emergencies. Your little savings can literally save you from the worst of happenings. Start small and work towards your growth in savings. Saving should come first as far as financial management is concerned.

3. Just Do It!

There will be no right time to start your small venture. Take whatever small resources you have and do it. Start the business as soon as you can. Procrastination is the thief time. Time is money. Do it anyway.

4. Growth needs patience

Here patience is the key. The most important lesson learned in 2020 and so far. In whatever goals you set to achieve. Do not give excuses. Be focused and determined in achieving them in ultimate. Goals in growing your finances need time and patience.

5. Invest in property and not a luxury

This one of the most important lessons learned in 2020. So far, it hits differently among various people. No one could ever think on a single time that the world could be put under temporary closure and many businesses come to a standstill. It is at this time that many people stayed at home and where possible working from home. Having that the economy really declined this means that money was a problem to meet our rent. Many people got locked out while others preferred staying at their upcountry homes. Investing in real estate and somewhere that you can call home will never go wrong for decades.

6. Be grateful for what you already have

Never underestimated whatever you have and can sustain your way of life. It is not for granted that you still survive in times of pandemic. Your future is luminous that why you need to conquer beyond Covid-19.

7. Attitude over nature

Your attitude will either make you or destroy you. You cannot change nor control nature but you can always change your attitude to benefit any situation.  Covid-19 came to everyone not respecting the age or skin tone.  Do not be drawn away by its hard impact and trouble your attitude. You can fail but what matters is how fast will you stand up again. Have a positive attitude and approach things with gratitude.

8. Family comes first

Did pandemic once more remind you of this great deed? This one of the most important lessons that everyone must have learned in 2020 so far. Family comes first. Keep and respect your family members as they are your immediate saviors in times of difficulties. Families are priceless.

9. Hey you! You need to start an investment

Can we all agree that nobody knows what tomorrow holds? Good or bad, either can happen. So, to secure a few of our tomorrows. It is high time you start investing. Start small and focus on growing. Check on the Pinterest 52 weeks of investment challenge.

10. Beyond employment

Trust how this statement predicted every point of life. That is, “Do put all your eggs in one basket“. If you know its deep meaning beyond the surface meaning. This is an alarming alert mostly to those who are on employment programs. I would recommend you do a purchase of beyond 8 to 5 book. Learn to have your personal ventures beside your main employment. It might be your employer’s pleasure to keep you but some circumstances are beyond exemption.

11. Humanitarian is priceless

You do not need a degree, be a celebrity or a politician to be a humanitarian. In times of pandemic, everyone is their brothers and sisters keeper. Help those who are in need. Give to the less fortunate. Donate if you are in such a position. Clothe the naked. Sharing is caring. Remember, no one is safe until we are all safe. If you help just a single person you have changed their whole world forever. Learn to give with charity.

12. Oxygen is the premium natural resource

The truth is the Coronavirus mostly affects the respiratory system of human beings. One dies due to a lack of enough oxygen in their blood system. If a Covid-19 patient is put in the oxygen machine, this is to facilitate pumping in oxygenated air to the damaged respiratory system. Isn’t human being the only super living organism in the whole world? This makes OXYGEN the most precious natural resource from the Almighty to mankind.

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