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How to make your money work for you?

Introduction Money matters are susceptible! Have you ever been in a money scandal? Or have you been to a point where you do have money ultimately? Well, we live to have something in our lives, right? But actually, have you ever thought of how to make your own money to …

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Ways to gaining financial freedom

Comfort is often mistaken for liberty. It is quite impossible to become a millionaire when you are in the middle class—an unforgiving place to be when you want to invest. As a norm in life, living a comfortable life meant that you go to vacations, having a house in the …

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Human capital

How to invest wisely in Human Capital development

To be a successful manager, one needs to be investing in human capital development. The term ‘human capital’ has drastically achieved a special status. As a manager, you need to ask oneself what social capital development is? And more so why is it a critical factor in company success. When …

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Skills a manager needs to have

A good manager has certain skills that one can implement to help in running an organization. A company’s manager requires certain skills. Running an organization or company is no easy task. To achieve the company tasks, mission, vision, and targets you need to have these skills; #Technical skill A manager …

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Financial skills

Essential Financial skills A Manager should have

A manager has a huge responsibility in their company. Daily, a manager makes decisions and a conclusion that will benefit the company. Aftermath effect may be positive or negative towards the company. Managers’ choices will affect financial performance, firing and hiring personnel, budget preparation, and capital investment approval, sending an …

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Financial Risk Management

Some of the Financial Risks Management Strategies

Financial risks management strategies enable one to have full armour plus the readiness for any unpredictable cases that can bring financial havocs. Over the years, managers and CEOs of big company and organization have issues when it comes to managing risks. The best and right move to manage upcoming risk …

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Tips to improve financial management

A good manager needs financial management, that is effective. Organized financial management is crucial for the growth and survival of a business. Management entails organizing, planning, controlling, and monitoring resources for the achievement of the business objectives. Well arranged and planned management does your business to effectively use resources, have …

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growth in revenue

Grow Your Cent

For many years now, despite the world economy upheavals, one works hard to grow their finances. If one lacks knowledge and tactics to get to the right path, financial success will only remain a dream. It is better to understand, leaving huge accounts to lay quietly at the bank, only …

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